Jacey Chase is an independent artist and content creator. Jacey is proud to have worked on collaborative art projects like 78 TAROT and FATVENTURE MAG, as well as having artwork and comics published in the ONESHI PRESS comics & art anthology. Currently, they are working on a deeply personal series of comics called THE LOST PLACE that deals with mental health, identity and growing up. The first comic in the series is called FAR AWAY, a surreal journey exploring dissociation and grounding, first published in the Oneshi Press Anthology #8.

Jacey does live art streams on Twitch.tv and posts art videos on YouTube.

Please note: while Jacey is fine with “he/him/his” or “they/them/theirs” pronouns in casual conversation, they prefer that official bios/publications use “they/them/theirs” pronouns. Thank you.

Contact: jaceychase@gmail.com

Featured Work

Fatventure Mag
A Zine featuring work by fat writers, artists, and photographers who are into being active—but not into toxic weight-loss culture.

Comic “Far Away” featured in Oneshi Press #8
An inclusive comic and art anthology for independent creators.

78 Tarot Elemental
A global Tarot art collaboration.