Contact: jacey@jaceychase.com

Hi! I’m Jacey Chase and I’m a digital artist based in Pennsylvania. I live with my spouse and our dog Riley and 3 cats Arcadia, Hobomitts and Rosa. I love art, animation, and video games. My all-time favorite games are Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 3/6 and Sonic 3.

I’ve been drawing my whole life, but I’ve only been serious about it on and off. I’ve spent years doing web design, marketing and copy writing but always felt drawn back to art. (ART PUN!) I decided to start streaming my art on Twitch in June 2017 as a way to get serious about art again. Twitch has given me a really unique opportunity to grow as an artist with live feedback on my artwork as I’m working on it.

I also started a YouTube channel in November 2017 to document my art, share my techniques and challenge myself to be more creative.

Currently private commissions are closed, but I’m open to being involved in artbooks and zines. My dream projects also include painting book covers and creating art for games.