2018 Art Goals

There’s a couple things that I think goals need to work.

  1. Accountability – tell someone your goals.
  2. Breaking it down into smaller steps you can take towards a larger goal.
  3. You have to actually write that shit down.

If that last one sounds obvious to you, cool. It should. Yet somehow a lot of us kinda forget that step.

I’ve been breaking down my goals into tasks on Wunderlist, which is a pretty good to-do list website/app.

My goals for 2018 look something like this:

Of course, that’s still vague as hell so I gotta break it down further into smaller steps I can take to achieve each one of those. That’s what the video is about, but if you’re more of a reader than a watcher, here’s how I broke each one down:

Draw more Backgrounds:

  • Research videos
  • Watch Skillshare videos
  • Make a list of drawing prompts
  • Gather photos for studies
  • Draw 10 finished bgs

Draw more traditional art:

  • Stream traditional art once a week on Twitch
  • 3 days a week, draw in a sketch journal
  • Go to life drawing classes

Get Better at Likenesses

  • Research likeness tips on YouTube
  • Draw a portrait from RedditGetsDrawn once a month
  • Draw 5 caricatures

Improve Anatomy

  • Go to monthly life drawing sessions
  • Read my anatomy books
  • Do some skeletal studies
  • Do some muscle studies

I probably should get more specific on how many studies I want to do and when, etc.

Get Better at Drawing Clothing/Fabric

  • Draw some clothes lol

I gotta get more specific here as well… come up with a more fleshed out plan and schedule.

Add More Prints to my Shops

  • Add more pieces to my Cheveux de Fleur series
  • Create a new emote once a month and add some products to Redbubble
  • Complete 4 mermaid paintings

So those are more or less my goals for the year. I definitely need to keep drilling down and getting more specific, but this list is helpful as a starting point.

I’ve already started working on backgrounds and I feel like I have a long road ahead, but it’s not a bad start!

I’ve also been doing a lot more sketching and traditional art!

I’d love to hear what YOUR art goals are for this year. Leave a comment or Tweet at me!

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