2018 Art Studio Tour

I wanted to give you guys a closer look at the art on my walls and links to the artists who made some of them. There are a few things I JUST got after filming the video, that I did include in the list below. I didn’t include a few things on that list because they are either by me or something you can’t purchase, etc.

Artists Featured:

As for the things not listed, I drew the Zelda portrait and the Master Sword (you can see those on my Deviantart page). The Terra, Aeris and Tifa pieces were also made by this nerd. The Final Fantasy wallscrolls I bought ages ago. The FFX one is Amano, and I’m not sure about the FF7 one. One of the Sailor Moon prints and the Utena print are officially licensed posters I was given ages ago. There’s also 2 original animation cells. The little square gemstone painting was done by my best friend. The song lyric print in the upper right corner is the lyrics of my wedding song (So Beautiful by Darren Hayes) and the little mask in the bottom right was a souvenir a friend brought me from Puerto Rico. There’s also a Mucha print (which was a table number at my wedding). Unfortunately I don’t know who made the Gabmit and Rogue chibis—they were a gift and I never got the name of the artist and I can’t find them!

Some other supplies/gear:

Also here’s a link to the Legend of Zelda Tarot Cards on Etsy. And here’s Lucky Squid Studios who makes the Fruitimals plushies.

Thanks so much for checking out my Art Studio Tour!

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