ART CHALLENGE: Draw with a Mouse!

I legit thought this would be easy. Ha!

In my defense, I used to draw with a mouse all the time…

Not great art, but this is like over a decade old. At the time I was proud. It’s worth noting that I created these by tracing over scanned pencil drawings. It’s much easier to trace with a mouse than just freehand draw. (Also, the pic of me throwing Bubbles at Alucard was a dream I had… don’t ask. Idk either.)

Anyway for the challenge I thought it would be better to have a direct comparison for Wacom vs Mouse art so I made this drawing with my tablet. I sketched it in Photoshop and did the line work in Clip Studio.

Then… time to draw with a mouse. EASY RIGHT?

Haha wow, no.

I thought it would be funny to show this to my mom and sister and not explain what it was and see how they reacted. They both, BARELY looked at it and said it was great. I’m not sure if they were just trying to be supportive or just didn’t care but either way I’M SHOOK!

I guess it’s annoying to have an artist in the family who’s always trying to show stuff off so you come up with canned responses.

Of course when they need some art for something I’M THE ONE who spends 16 hours painting cardboard cutouts of penguins and igloos for a baby’s winter wonderland themed birthday party. They APPRECIATE MY SKILLS THEN!!!!!


I don’t think it’s impossible to make good looking art with a mouseā€”I just think it’s tedious and difficult and not for me. That said, I explored some different methods of drawing with a mouse. Actually, more like tracing with a mouse, because again, I think that’s much easier. That said, nowadays drawing tablets are getting more affordable so maybe skip buying a scanner and get yourself a Wacom Intuos Draw for like $70. (I know that’s not CHEAP, but it beats spending $300+ which is what my first tablet cost back in the day.)

Anyway, here’s the results of my mouse experiments:

If you draw with a mouse I’d love to see your art. Mostly because I want to know what a TRULY DEDICATED artist looks like… because you have to be really dedicated to digital art to do this. I wanted to give up so many times during this challenge. I still can’t believe I even made digital art without a tablet!

SHOW ME YOUR MOUSE ART! Leave a comment or Tweet at me!

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