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Join the Coloring Club!

To kick things off for the very first Coloring Club contest, I’m giving away a Chase Your F***ing Dreams t-shirt!
To enter, join the Coloring Club tier on Patreon or become a sub on twitch and download the hi-res file. Share the final artwork with the hashtag #jaceychasecolor or post it in the DreamChasers discord server by Saturday, Oct 6th, 2018!

I will feature some of my favorite entries and send a t-shirt to the final winner. Good luck!


Dear DreamChasers,

For once in my life, I’m at a loss for words. I’m struggling so hard to think of what to say to let you know how much you all mean to me. This community is beautiful, courageous, kind, generous, strong, uplifting and unstoppable!

Before I met you all I was the type of person to retreat when things got hard. I would let my pain and fear overwhelm me and I would just hide away and not do anything. But every day in this community I see people reaching out to one another and lifting each other up—despite their own pain and fear. Being here with you all has made me feel like I can face all of the things that used to trip me up. And sure, I’m still scared and in pain, but I know I’m not alone. All of the things that seem so big and scary and unfaceable, aren’t any more. Sometimes the world’s problems really are much bigger than us and that can feel absolutely crushing, but remember that you are not alone. The work that needs to be done is not yours alone to do.

Together, the DreamChasers raised $1020 for the LEAF Project. Kael McDonald and the Vigilantes raised $642 and Alta Cain and the DOOM Crew raised $150 (in ONE NIGHT). Kael and I agreed to match $100 each, so that makes our grand total: $2012

That’s over $2k that goes towards providing legal services to immigrant and refugee children who are in dire need of help right now. I’m blown away because when I started this campaign I never would have dreamed that such a small community could come together and do so much good. You guys are incredible human beings. Every one of you.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated! Every single dollar helped to put us over our goal. Thank you to the people who showed up to streams and cheered us on in chat! Thank you to the lurkers who kept the viewer numbers up. Thank you to everyone who spread the word about the charity campaign and helped raise awareness for this issue.

We did an amazing job coming together as a community and I couldn’t be more proud! But there’s still lots of work to do, so if anyone missed the charity campaign or wants to set up a recurring donation, you can donate here.

Chat Suggestion Camel Art

To celebrate 500 follows on Twitch, we decided to make a Desktop Wallpaper featuring a bunch of chat suggestions.

Top Left:

Chada (OC by Voopytimes)

Jack the barista (OC by SonneArt)

Darth Abeo (Star Wars OC by tntjperic)

Bottom Left:

Svanhilde (dwarf) and Zorya (halfling) holding hands (Dnd characters, requested by RyuutsuArt and Missi)

Top Center:

Clearance the Cloud (a character by Eldkrind, suggested by natethetatertot)

Laer (a character from the comic Vigilante 2890 by Kael McDonald)

Blue shell (for Shellshockpt)

Bottom Center:

Shayden & Nugget Knight w pride cape holding hands (suggested by ShaydensDoodle)

Top Right:

John from Minnesota (suggested by everyone)

Bottom Right:

Jacey the Hedgehog dabbing (suggested by me lol)

A rainbow striped Zebra with a paper horn taped to its head. (suggested by swarmingzebras)

Dhole (for Baseman)

Pineapple (suggested by jamesnorse)

Fatventure Mag, Vol 1 is LIVE on KICKSTARTER!

The kickstarter to fund the zine I’m contributing artwork to is officially live! Back it on Kickstarter

Here’s a summary of the project:

Fatventure Mag is a printed and digital magazine focusing on active lifestyles beyond the boundaries of weight-loss culture. We’re shining the spotlight on work by fat-identified women and non-binary writers and artists who love spending time outdoors, communing with nature, and being active, no matter what “fitness culture” has to say about it.

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Let’s Do an Art Trade!

I’ve always wanted to do art trades but never knew who might be interested and I felt a bit too shy to ask. I thought it might be cool to come up with a way for people who are interested in art trades to let others know that they’re open to it. That’s what sparked the idea for April Art Trade. (That and it’s my birthday month and I just wanted a bunch of art for my birthday!)

The idea is that you’d let people know you’re interested in participating in art trades during the month of April. Look for artists who are open to trades or ask a friend! Once you’ve completed the trade, tag the recipient and use the hashtag #aprilarttrade.

#AprilArtTrade Rules/Guidelines

1. Ask a friend for an art trade!
(Please don’t message artists you don’t know unless they are open to random trades!)

2. Tell each other about your interests!
(Don’t ask for a specific drawing, just let them know your favorite characters, animals, etc.)

3. Set a range for the amount of time you’re both willing to spend on the art trade.

4. Draw something for them and post it with the hashtag #AprilArtTrade!

That’s it! Go make art for each other!

Extra Life Rewards Sent Out

Quick update about Extra Life… all of the rewards have been sent! Thank you again to everyone who donated to the campaign. It was my first year ever doing Extra Life and together we raised $142, surpassing my original goal. Thank you again. 🙂

A post shared by Jacey Chase (@jaceychase) on

Leading up to Extra Life, I did a bunch of sketches of Final Fantasy characters. Anyone who donated at least $10 got access to these. Anyone who donated at least $20 was promised a high resolution download of a finished piece. I wasn’t even sure what the piece would be, just that it was going to be FF6 related. I ended up turning one of the sketches into a finished art nouveau inspired piece that incorporates a lot of elements from the game.

I really enjoyed participating in Extra Life and I will definitely do it every year. If you’re interested in getting a hi-res download of this piece it will be available again next year as a reward, as well as some other new stuff hopefully. Thanks again to everyone who donated and everyone who came to the stream to hang out!

Extra Life Goal Met! Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported my Extra Life campaign and to everyone who hung out with me on stream!

It was my first year participating in Extra Life and we not only hit the goal, we passed it with $142 raised. In total, Extra Life participants raised over $7 million for the Children’s Miracle Network. That’s amazing.

If you donated at least $10 to the campaign, sketch rewards have already been sent out so check your email. The $20 reward (hi-res artwork) will be going out in a few weeks.