Chat Suggestion Camel Art

To celebrate 500 follows on Twitch, we decided to make a Desktop Wallpaper featuring a bunch of chat suggestions.

Top Left:

Chada (OC by Voopytimes)

Jack the barista (OC by SonneArt)

Darth Abeo (Star Wars OC by tntjperic)

Bottom Left:

Svanhilde (dwarf) and Zorya (halfling) holding hands (Dnd characters, requested by RyuutsuArt and Missi)

Top Center:

Clearance the Cloud (a character by Eldkrind, suggested by natethetatertot)

Laer (a character from the comic Vigilante 2890 by Kael McDonald)

Blue shell (for Shellshockpt)

Bottom Center:

Shayden & Nugget Knight w pride cape holding hands (suggested by ShaydensDoodle)

Top Right:

John from Minnesota (suggested by everyone)

Bottom Right:

Jacey the Hedgehog dabbing (suggested by me lol)

A rainbow striped Zebra with a paper horn taped to its head. (suggested by swarmingzebras)

Dhole (for Baseman)

Pineapple (suggested by jamesnorse)

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