Figuring Out My Coloring Style – FF6 Terra Speedpaint

Do you ever start working on a piece and you have a vision in for it in your mind—you know exactly how you want it to look—and you start off strong and then… it just falls apart? I’m not sure if it’s because my visions isn’t actually THAT specific to begin with or because my skills just aren’t at that level yet.

That’s what this piece was like. Continue reading “Figuring Out My Coloring Style – FF6 Terra Speedpaint”

REVIEW: Linework in Photoshop vs Lazy Nezumi + Clip Studio

I’ve always enjoyed linework.

Looking at it.

Because DOING linework is hard.

I’ve always struggled with doing linework digitally. It took me forever to do, looked like trash close up and was just a really frustrating, long process for me. There’s definitely a learning curve to digital art. It’s hard to explain, but drawing with a tablet doesn’t feel exactly like drawing with a pencil and it’s very difficult to get smooth lines in digital art. I work primarily in Photoshop which, up until recently, lacked any kind of line stabilization. In order to get smooth lines in Photoshop you needed a tool like Lazy Nezumi. After years of struggling I grabbed a trial of Lazy Nezumi and very quickly become dependent on it. It made a huge impact on my linework and I found that I was working much faster. But I still felt like my linwork could be better so I started bugging every artist who has good linework doing research. Continue reading “REVIEW: Linework in Photoshop vs Lazy Nezumi + Clip Studio”

Extra Life Rewards Sent Out

Quick update about Extra Life… all of the rewards have been sent! Thank you again to everyone who donated to the campaign. It was my first year ever doing Extra Life and together we raised $142, surpassing my original goal. Thank you again. 🙂

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Leading up to Extra Life, I did a bunch of sketches of Final Fantasy characters. Anyone who donated at least $10 got access to these. Anyone who donated at least $20 was promised a high resolution download of a finished piece. I wasn’t even sure what the piece would be, just that it was going to be FF6 related. I ended up turning one of the sketches into a finished art nouveau inspired piece that incorporates a lot of elements from the game.

I really enjoyed participating in Extra Life and I will definitely do it every year. If you’re interested in getting a hi-res download of this piece it will be available again next year as a reward, as well as some other new stuff hopefully. Thanks again to everyone who donated and everyone who came to the stream to hang out!

What to Expect at a Figure Drawing Class

When I was about 11 my dad was in art school. I remember being fascinated by all of his school projects, but especially like, the whole concept of life drawing class.

Like… you just… sat and drew a naked person? In class? Whaaaaaaaat? Weird concept, especially for a 6th grader.

And if you’ve never been a life drawing class, it may be a weird concept for you too—regardless of age. Don’t worry, I don’t judge. Continue reading “What to Expect at a Figure Drawing Class”

How to PRINT & CUT w/ Silhouette Connect and Illustrator

Oh hey, so I made a YouTube Channel. I technically had one for a while, but there was like one speedpaint video that wasn’t that good and I deleted it. But now I’m actually gonna like… update it… on a schedule. Hopefully!

My first video almost HAD to be this. Back when I first got my Silhouette Cameo die cutter, I had such a hard time figuring out how to use it. The reason I got the Silhouette Cameo (and not some other brand) is because I wanted to be able to use graphic software that I was already used to, instead of relying on some program I never used before. The Silhouette lets you connect to Adobe Illustrator. But like… it didn’t come with instructions. I had no idea how to use it. Continue reading “How to PRINT & CUT w/ Silhouette Connect and Illustrator”

Extra Life Goal Met! Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported my Extra Life campaign and to everyone who hung out with me on stream!

It was my first year participating in Extra Life and we not only hit the goal, we passed it with $142 raised. In total, Extra Life participants raised over $7 million for the Children’s Miracle Network. That’s amazing.

If you donated at least $10 to the campaign, sketch rewards have already been sent out so check your email. The $20 reward (hi-res artwork) will be going out in a few weeks.