The Bitty Bit Book: Cheer for Tiny Art!

EDIT: Now the only way to make a request is to get Top Cheer, but the Top Cheer is being reset periodically to keep it fair and attainable.

Introducing the Bitty Bit Book! Anyone who gets Top Cheer in our Twitch chat OR donates the most bits over time will get to request a drawing in this book.

If you’re not familiar with Twitch, bits are something you can give a streamer to show support. You can watch ads to earn bits or purchase them in packs. You can “cheer” during a stream by donating bits to the streamer. Your bits, as well as a custom message shows up on screen. You can read more about bits and cheering here.

The sketchbook is only 2.75″ x 3″ and so each drawing is itty-bitty! I really love sketchbooks and tiny things so I couldn’t resit.

How To Get in the Bitty Bit Book

So like I mentioned, there are 2 ways to request a sketch in the Bitty Bit Book.

1. You can donate the most bits at one time and earn your spot at the top of the chat where it says “Top Cheer.”

In this example, you would have to donate at least 601 bits at one time. Then your name will be shown at the top of chat.

2. You can donate the most bits in total, over time.

In the second example, you could donate 500 bits one day, then another 401 bits another day, for a total of 901 bits donated over time. In that case you would be at the top of the All-Time bit list.

By the way, if you get Top Cheer AND Most Bits of All Time at once, you get 2 drawings!

The art will stay in the notebook, but I will post hires scans in our Discord channel and pics on Twitter. 🙂

Here’s the first two drawings in our Bitty Bit Book! Each drawing will be inked and colored with colored pencils.

I can’t wait to see what else gets requested. 🙂

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