Chat Commands

Complete(ish) list of chat commands for our Twitch channel.

!artrequests – Info about Sketch and Linework Requests

!currentsong – current song


!discord – Join us on Discord

!faunafocus – Information about the #FaunaFocus stream team

!emotes – You can use more emotes in this channel with the FrankerFacez Chrome extension


!gear – Programs & hardware Jacey is using

!gumroad – Jacey’s gumroad page

!info – short list of commands (woah meta)


!pets – Jacey’s Pets on Instagram

!points – Info about the chat currency, Zzz’s

!prints – Link to Jacey’s INPRINT store.

!raidcall – CHASE YOUR DREAMS! #teamnochill (┛✧Д✧)┛彡┻━┻

!redbubble – Prints, phone cases, mugs and other merch, check out Jacey’s Redbubble store

!requestqueue – Current sketch request queue

!save – a reminder for Jacey to save her work!

!schedule – current schedule

!shopINPRNT | Redbubble | Gumroad Coloring Pages

!site – um, you are here

!sketchrequest – Info about Sketch Requests

!socialInstagram | Twitter | Facebook

!song – Current song

!stickers – Link to available stickers

!sub – Info about subscriber benefits


!whatsnext – Current list of art suggestions

!yt – Link to Jacey’s YouTube Channel

!zshopHow to spend your Zzz’s (chat points)

!z – See how many Zzz’s you currently have (and your current rank)

Song Requests

!sr [song name] – Song requests. (Cost 100 Zzz’s)

!wrongsong – Undo your last request

!skip – Vote to skip the current song

Want to spend some chat points? How to Redeem Zzz’s

Subscriber Benefits | Catch some Zzz’s (Reward Points) | Chat Commands | Sketch Requests | Bitty Bit Book | Watch Jacey on