Chat Commands

Complete(ish) list of chat commands for our Twitch channel.

!commissions – see current commissions status
!currentsong – current song
!discord – Join us on Discord
!faunafocus – Information about the #FaunaFocus stream team
!gear – Programs & hardware Jacey is using
!info – short list of commands (woah meta)
!pets – Jacey’s Pets on Instagram
!points – Info about the chat currency, Zzz’s
!raidcall – CHASE YOUR DREAMS! #teamnochill (┛✧Д✧)┛彡┻━┻
!save – a reminder for Jacey to save her work!
!schedule – current schedule
!shop – Jacey’s Etsy Shop
!site – um, you are here
!sketchrequestday – Info about Sketch Request Day
!socialInstagram | Twitter | Facebook
!song – Current song
!sub – Info about subscriber benefits
!zshopHow to spend your Zzz’s (chat points)
!z – See how many Zzz’s you currently have (and your current rank)

!sr [song name] – Song requests. (Cost 100 Zzz’s)
!wrongsong – Undo your last request