Commission Description Example

When requesting a commission, please provide me with thorough descriptions of your characters and ideas. Whenever possible it’s best to also include photo references and examples. This cuts down on the amount of revisions and preliminary design work that has to be done.

(If you are interested in a commission, please read more.)

Character Description

When describing a character, please include:

Personality traits:
Is this character a showoff? Stoic? Funny? Tell me a bit about them so I can have a better sense of who they are and how to depict them.

Include details like eye color, lip size, facial markings, complexion etc. If you have a celebrity that you picture when you think of your character that’s very helpful! I won’t do an exact likeness, but it will help me get a sense of what you’re imagining.

Build, height, etc. Any unexpected features like a tail or robot arm would be useful too!

What’s your character’s style? Where do they live? (Cold or hot climates may affect clothing choices.) What time period do they live in?

Does your character wear any jewelry or carry any weapons?

Images & References

Do you have any photos or references that help convey your ideas? The ideal way to send me photos is through a gallery or pinterest board.

Character Reference Board
Here is an example of a character reference board on Pinterest. In the example you can see that this is for a character that has pink hair buns, a white boho dress, a key pendant and black wings. It also has some great references for facial features. This is the BEST way to portray details about your character to me visually.

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