Sketch Request Day

Thanks so much for supporting the channel! As a way to so thank you for all the support I’m doing a sketch request day once a month. Discord voice chat will be open so anyone can hop and talk on stream!

The next sketch request day will be Friday, October 20th, 2017.

How Sketch Requests Work

    1. Sketch requests are for followers! You must be following the stream to participate.
    2. At the beginning of the stream there will be 3 slots open for requests.
    3. Your order in the queue will depend on your leaderboard rank*
    4. If you got a request last month, please wait to make a request this time. Let’s try to make it as fair as possible. 🙂
    5. Jacey will work on your request for up to 1 hour (roughly)
    6. Jacey will post your finished sketch request on Twitter and Discord

(Sorry I will no longer be sending out PSDs because it is too time consuming and it takes up too much space in Dropbox.)

*This is to allow people who watch the channel regularly to have a better chance to make requests. It’s only fair that long time supporters get to make requests first. 😉

Please Keep In Mind…

  • It’s “sketch request day” not “perfect art guaranteed day”
  • Because these are quick sketches, it’s probably not a great time to request that tattoo idea you’ve been thinking about.
  • Since we only have 1 hour, please don’t ask for a ton of revisions or offer too much feedback.
  • Jacey tends to draw mostly human portraits… so you’ll probably get better art if you stay in the Comfort Zone™
  • You MAY ask for something outside of Jacey’s Comfort Zone™ however it may not get finished or be that good.
  • Jacey can turn down any requests for any reason and will not draw anything that violates Twitch’s rules.
  • You cannot use any of these drawings for commercial use of any kind.

Voice Chat Rules

Anyone can chat on stream on Discord. Join the Discord server.

1. NO hate speech, sexism, racism, etc. You will be banned immediately.
2. Please be polite and make sure other people get a chance to speak. Try not to dominate the conversation or talk over people. (Just do your best—it might get a little chaotic!)
3. Please forgive Jacey for having to interrupt you occasionally to talk to the chat and address things like hosts, follows, subs, etc.


tl;dr: Please give me credit and please don’t sell my art!

All sketch request artwork is for personal use only.
You may post JPGs of the artwork online or use it for avatars/profile pics.
Please credit anything you post as “Artwork by Jacey Chase”

Additional details:

All rights reserved. You may not claim ownership of these graphics. (However you do still own rights to your original characters, just not this artwork.) Copyright does not transfer to you at any time.

Please note that by participating you agree to the following terms:
For personal use only. You may NOT redistribute, resell the files, links to these files or prints of these files. You may NOT sell this artwork or claim them as your own. You may NOT use these graphics on items such as but not limited to t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, bags, etc.