Sketch Requests

Thanks so much for supporting the channel! As a way to so thank you for all the support I’m doing a sketch requests for Zzz’s.

To redeem you can use the chat command !wakeupsketch (cost: 10,000 Zzz’s).
See more things you can redeem with Zzz’s.
View the current request queue.

How Sketch Requests Work

  1. You can use Zzz’s to redeem a sketch request with the chat command !wakeupsketch (cost 10,000 Zzz’s)
  2. Your request will be added to the request queue
  3. I will sketch 1 character/subject for at least 15 minutes (up to 1 hour)
  4. I will work on the sketch requests whenever I have some free time or want to do a warm-up
  5. A pic of your sketch will be posted on Twitter and Discord

Please Keep In Mind…

  • It’s “sketch request” not “perfect art guaranteed”
  • Because these are quick sketches, it’s probably not a great time to request that tattoo idea you’ve been thinking about.
  • These are meant to be quick and for fun, so I won’t be revising or making changes to the sketch.
  • If you want something more detailed and the ability to request revisions, consider a commission.
  • I tend to draw mostly human portraits… so you’ll probably get better art if you stay in the Comfort Zone™
  • You MAY ask for something outside of my comfort however it may not get finished or be that good.
  • I can turn down any requests for any reason and will not draw anything that violates Twitch’s rules.
  • I might spend even longer than an hour on a request if it’s a REALLY DOPE idea!
  • You cannot use any of these drawings for commercial use of any kind.


tl;dr: Please give me credit and please don’t sell my art!

All sketch request artwork is for personal use only.
You may post JPGs of the artwork online or use it for avatars/profile pics.
Please credit anything you post as “Artwork by Jacey Chase”

Additional details:

All rights reserved. You may not claim ownership of these graphics. (However you do still own rights to your original characters, just not this artwork.) Copyright does not transfer to you at any time.

Please note that by participating you agree to the following terms:
For personal use only. You may NOT redistribute, resell the files, links to these files or prints of these files. You may NOT sell this artwork or claim them as your own. You may NOT use these graphics on items such as but not limited to t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, bags, etc.

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