Catch Some Zzz’s!

You can catch some Zzz’s just by hanging out in our stream! (Zzz’s are our channel’s currency system.) You get 100 Zzz’s for every hour you hang out in chat!

Type !z in chat to see your current Zzz’s.
Type !zshop in chat to see how to spend your Zzz’s.

Other ways you can catch some Zzz’s:

New followers get 500 Zzz’s
New Subscribers get 10,000 Zzz’s (plus 10,000 every month subscribed)
Hosting the stream gets you 100 Zzz’s
You get 1,000 Zzz’s for every 100 bits cheered

Please note:

  • No refunds on Zzz’s, so please use them wisely!
  • Jacey may turn down requests for any reason. Points will not be refunded, but you may get a second change to revise your request.
  • All custom requests must follow Twitch community guidelines.
  • Using rewards to troll will result in a permanent ban.
  • Rewards offered and costs are subject to change as the channel changes and grows.
  • Some rewards may get turned off temporarily depending on Jacey’s schedule.
  • Chat commands no longer work, but you can type !zshop to redeem rewards on mobile.

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