Catch Some Zzz’s!

You can catch some Zzz’s just by hanging out in our stream! (Zzz’s are our channel’s currency system.) You get 100 Zzz’s for every hour you hang out in chat! (More if you’re a regular or a sub!)

Type !z in chat to see your current Zzz’s.

Other ways you can catch some Zzz’s:

New followers get 500 Zzz’s
New Subscribers get 2,000 Zzz’s
Hosting the stream gets you 500 Zzz’s
Donating gets you 100 Zzz’s per $1 donated

How to Redeem Zzz’s

!sr [name of song]
Anyone in the stream may request songs when requests are on. (Subs spend 0 Zzz’s)
Cost: 100 Zzz’s

Jacey will give you feedback and do a redline/paintover of your artwork! (After redeem, please wait for a mod to grant you permission to post a link.)
Cost: 500 Zzz’s

Get a 1 time use coupon code for 10% off Jacey’s Etsy store.
Cost: 1,000 Zzz’s

LAFAYETTE! Jacey will rap Guns & Ships from Hamilton.
Cost: 2,000 Zzz’s

!wakeupgreeting [custom greeting you want zZDreamBotZz to say]
Get a custom greeting when you speak for the first time in chat. (Limit 2 lines.)
Cost: 3,000 Zzz’s

Get a 1 time use coupon code for 20% off Jacey’s Etsy store.
Cost: 5,000 Zzz’s

Get a custom sketch from Jacey! Jacey will spend at least 15 minutes (up to 1 hr) on a sketch of [almost] anything!* You can redeem this at any time, but the request will happen at a later date. You will be added to the queue.
Cost: 10,000 Zzz’s

Get a custom emote designed by Jacey! Obviously the design has to follow Twitch guidelines! Jacey will not copy artwork from another emote artist.
Cost: 50,000 Zzz’s

*Must follow Twitch community guidelines. Jacey may turn down requests for any reason.

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