Catch Some Zzz’s!

You can catch some Zzz’s just by hanging out in our stream! (Zzz’s are our channel’s currency system.) You get 100 Zzz’s for every hour you hang out in chat!

Type !z in chat to see your current Zzz’s.

Other ways you can catch some Zzz’s:

New followers get 500 Zzz’s
New Subscribers get 10,000 Zzz’s (plus 10,000 every month subscribed)
Hosting the stream gets you 100 Zzz’s
You get 1,000 Zzz’s for every 100 bits cheered

How to Redeem Zzz’s

You can redeem Zzz’s by clicking on the icon that appears in the right corner when you mouseover the stream video or by using the command !zshop. You will see a list of things you can spend your Zzz’s on.

Please note:

  • No refunds on Zzz’s, so please use them wisely!
  • Jacey may turn down requests for any reason. Points will not be refunded, but you may get a second change to revise your request.
  • All custom requests must follow Twitch community guidelines.
  • Using rewards to troll will result in a permanent ban.
  • Zzz’s will be reset to 0 every 6 months for non-subs. Next reset is June 1, 2018.
  • Rewards offered and costs are subject to change as the channel changes and grows.
  • Some rewards may get turned off temporarily depending on Jacey’s schedule.
  • Chat commands no longer work, but you can type !zshop to redeem rewards on mobile.


Ask a Question
Ask Jacey a question. (I’ll try my best to answer. I might not answer if it’s trolly, TOO personal or like, requires a degree in something.)
Cost: 100 Zzz’s

Make a suggestion of what Jacey should draw. It will go on a list and be up for voting later. Must follow Twitch guidelines. (See current list of suggestions)
Cost: 500 Zzz’s

Jacey will give you feedback and do a redline/paintover of your artwork!
Cost: 500 Zzz’s

Jacey will say something nice about you. Awww!
Cost: 1,000 Zzz’s

Get a 1 time use coupon code for 5% off Jacey’s INPRNT shop. (Jacey will send you a whisper with the code.)
Cost: 1,000 Zzz’s

LAFAYETTE! Jacey will rap Guns & Ships from Hamilton. (It’s exactly what it sounds like.)
Cost: 2,000 Zzz’s

Jacey (who is a lefty) will try to draw something with her right hand for 1 minute.
Cost: 2,000 Zzz’s

Custom Greeting
Get a custom greeting when you speak for the first time in chat. May include a link to your channel. (Limit 2-3 lines.)
Cost: 3,000 Zzz’s

Get a 1 time use coupon code for 10% off Jacey’s INPRNT shop. (Jacey will send you a whisper with the code.)
Cost: 5,000 Zzz’s

Audio Greeting
PLEASE NOTE: Must redeem text greeting first. Get a custom audio greeting when you speak for the first time in chat. (Limit 1-4 seconds. Keep it safe for work please!)
Cost: 6,000 Zzz’s

Take over the stream’s music for 1 hour! Song requests will be turned off and your Spotify playlist will be played instead. (To get the link right click on your playlist and go to Share > Copy Playlist Link) Please ask when stream is ending before redeeming!
Cost: 7,000 Zzz’s

Custom Command
Get your own command! Whenever anyone types ![yourusernamehere] the bot will say something of your choosing. It can be a quote, a joke, or a link to a clip or your Twitch channel (10 minute cooldown, 1 hour cooldown per user.)
Cost: 8,000 Zzz’s

Custom Emote
Get a custom emote designed by Jacey! Obviously the design has to follow Twitch guidelines! Jacey will not copy artwork from another emote artist.
Cost: 50,000 Zzz’s

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