About Jacey
Jacey Chase thinks third person bios are weird. She feels that you as the reader know she wrote this, rather than say outsourcing it to a more talented writer. In fact, she thinks you probably know that this bio was an afterthought and written in a rush and never to be updated again. For that reason she will try to avoid facts that change often (like age or number of cats owned).
She lives in the mountains with her family, black lab/whippet puppy Riley, and a number of cats (less than 4. My husband decided 3 is "catpacity.")
Jacey has been drawing digitally since she was 14. (Which let's assume means for a long time. We're talking 90's here. Yeah.) She has more than 10 years of experience in graphic design.
In addition to art, Jacey enjoys playing video games, karaoke, and playing with her doggo.
Thank you!
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